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UK based NFL Blog – Opinions and Articles on American Football

What is this?

Welcome to across the pond football, a UK based blog set up to share our opinions and views on american football. American football or football is the fastest growing sport in the UK with a dedicated and knowledgeable fanbase watching the sport weekly, keeping up to date with all the latest news online and turning out in droves for the Wembley games.

At across the pond football we aim to capture the enthusiasm of the UK fans and write blogs that can interest both those new to the sport and veteran followers from both sides of the pond. The content on the site is exclusively written by our team of NFL enthusiasts who tackle a variety of subjects and issues which will hopefully be of interest to our followers and we look forward to plenty of friendly debate.


One thought on “What is this?

  1. I live in Edmonton Canada I found your site last year and enjoyed it very much I find that you are pretty good at handicapping the NFL games and was wondering if you are doing it this year as well. Have a great day……….. Nick

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