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atpf apology

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We are afraid an apology is in order.

In recent weeks and months this blog has grown in popularity. You have taken the time to read our blog and some have even added comments to our site which is greatly appreciated. Here’s where the apology comes…some of your comments have been blocked by our spam filter and we have missed them. Sorry (sad face).

When we set this blog up we were very new to wordpress and are learning from our mistakes. We will be looking how to control the comments so that we can show your opinions as they are just as important as ours.

We hope you continue to enjoy our blog and hope you comment on our posts.




Author: Paul

A Philadelphia Eagles fan since trying to drink the bar dry in an all inclusive hotel in Mexico in 2010. I was on holiday and NFL was on everywhere, the Eagles were the first team I had ever seen. Since then I have tried to improve my knowledge of the game. I was lucky enough to watch Eagles win at Tampa Bay in December 2012 whilst on holiday in Florida

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